Cycling for business

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Encouraging cycling within your business can have a number of positive benefits. Apart from the health aspects, employees who cycle to work:

  • May be more motivated
  • Can help to reduce pressure on car parking and lower your business travel expenditure
  • May mean fewer employee sick days as regular cyclists are often fitter than those who don't

Cycling Workplaces

Our award-winning Cycling Workplaces package is free to employers in London. Designed to help businesses promote cycling in the workplace, it includes free cycle parking, safety checks and bike marking, safety seminars and commuter cycle skills sessions. Find out if you are eligible.

Cycle safety

Help your employees to stay safe on the road by promoting our free commuter cycle skills sessions. These are available to anyone who works in London. The sessions are on-bike and tailored to individual needs. Email Cycle Training with BETWEB in the subject line.

Get more advice about cycle safety.

Visitor cycle parking

Sign up for free cycle parking so that your visitors can secure their bikes when visiting your site. Cycle parking is available to offices, shops, pubs, tourist destinations, places of worship and more. Email us to register your interest and a member of our team will contact you to discuss your requirements.

Santander Cycles business accounts

Give your organisation unlimited access to our Cycle Hire scheme. You can use the bikes for business travel or commuting, depending on the individual needs of your employees and your business. Businesses can purchase between 5 and 20 pooled keys for £90 each. Each one gives you unlimited bike access for a year, for all journeys of up to 30 minutes. The Santander Cycles website makes it easy to manage your account online with its business accounts reporting tool. Find out more about Santander business accounts or register you interest for more information.

Cycle guides and resources

You can order any of our 14 printed cycle guides which cover different areas of London. The guides provide routes which have been recommended by experienced cyclists and will help you navigate the streets of London. Orders can be made online but for larger orders, email us with your requirements.

Promoting cycling guidance

Our Youtube channel also contains useful videos on cycling that can be shared with your employees.

Tax savings on bikes

Salary sacrifice tax breaks can be offered as a standard benefit to help employees with affordable cycling equipment.

A number of cycle suppliers have formed the Cycle to Work Alliance to provide guidance on setting up a salary sacrifice scheme based on the experience of others.

If you'd like to know more about cycle to work schemes, email us

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