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Flexible working

Changing your staff's start and end times by even 15 minutes can give them a quicker, more pleasant commute. This will increase staff productivity, motivation and engagement helping your business to minimise cost and attract and retain high quality talent.

Resources: Search your local Tube stations and our journey planner crowding information to identify relevant information about the busiest times and places.

Walking and cycling

Find out about Santander cycles business accounts. Our bike-sharing scheme is a great way for you and your staff to get around. You can use the bikes for business travel or commuting,

You can offer salary sacrifice tax breaks as a standard benefit to help employees with affordable cycling equipment. The Department for Transport has guidance on setting up a Cycle to Work salary sacrifice scheme.

Resources: Our Walking Tube map shows walking time between stations. The steps map shows the number of steps required for these journeys. View our Tube maps

Our cycling pages contain information on our Santander Cycles hire scheme and cycle skills courses.

Other tools

We provide a number of information sources to keep you informed:  

Digital bus and river signs

Order your free bespoke live bus arrivals or river departures digital signs and start displaying live information on your display equipment for customers and other visitors. Find out more about digital signs.