The impact of a signal fault is very high. While a fault to a train can be problematic, it is invariably possible to manoeuvre it out of the way of other trains. A signal fault, on the other hand, affects all the trains passing through that signal.

We initially looked at off-the-shelf remote monitoring solutions, but quickly believed we could produce our own system at an equivalent or higher quality and at a cheaper cost.

We broke the system down and used industry-leading organisations to help develop individual elements, or found solutions in-house. As a result, we own the entire intellectual property and have helped to keep our workforce highly-skilled and at the forefront of technological development.

Goals, outputs and benefits

  • Since introducing the system on the Victoria line, there's been a 58% reduction in customer hours lost due to track circuit issues. This amounts to over 70,000 hours recovered - and a saving of £600k - every year
  • We are now looking at expanding the system to the Central line, which has an older generation of track circuits than the Victoria line. This is a good example of how we are taking existing Underground technology and making it work with the internet-of-things


  • 2014 National Instruments Engineering Impact Awards Winner of All Programmable Innovation Award
  • 2016 UK Rail Industry Awards Finalist


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