Through its application in the lighting industry, PRO-LITE is also demonstrating how to procure innovative technologies, and drive European economies. It is helping to reduce costs associated with installing and maintaining lighting and other products across TfL.

What is the PRO-LITE approach? 

The PRO-LITE approach involves commercial, engineering and maintenance teams collaborating to find lighting products that will cost substantially less over the product's entire life (known as Whole Life Costs). This means that teams can create economies of scale against their collective future needs.

This approach will inspire product manufacturers to design products that will create optimal Whole Life Costs and deliver high performance across the whole TfL network.

Collectively, the PRO-LITE partners will spend over €1.5 billion through the contracts put in place, for both lighting products and associated services.

The PRO-LITE approach is transferable to any assets procured by public sector authorities across Europe.

Goals, outputs and benefits

The PRO-LITE project shows how public sector authorities can:

  • consolidate their procurement power to create economies of scale
  • procure innovative products/technologies
  • drive the European economies

Partner organisations and funders

The PRO-LITE project is co-funded by the European Commission, specifically under the 'Supporting Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions: Networking and financing Procurement' framework.

There are 6 European public authorities participating in the PRO-LITE project, of which Transport for London is the lead.

  • Transport for London (UK): Focus on Lighting for Transport Networks
  • Free Hanseatic City of Bremen (Gemany): Focus on Building Lighting
  • Municipality of Torino (Italy): Focus on School Buildings' Lighting
  • Consip (Italy): Focus on Procurement Frameworks
  • Basque Energy Agency (Spain): Focus on Street Lighting
  • PIANOo (Netherlands): Focus on Procurement Process Design


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