Lightweight doors

Goals, outputs and benefits

Replacing conventional materials with composite materials could mean:

  • Less stress on the mechanical parts of trains
  • Less power needed to move the train
  • Less wear on track, meaning fewer large scale maintenance works and line closures

And for our customers it could reduce journey times and crowding on trains, and cut down waiting times on platforms.


  • UK Rail Industry Award (2015)
  • Stephenson Award - National Rail Awards (2014)
  • Innovation award for the environment - The Rail Industry Awards (2014)
  • Highly Commended - IET Innovation Awards (2014)

Partner organisations and funders

Initially funded through an Innovate UK's "Introducing Aerospace Materials to Rail" competition, the project has since gained the support of other industry players. University College London and Atkins (aerospace) provided project management and technical support, using their expertise in design and implementation of composite materials.

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For more information about the lightweight door project contact

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