When customers gather at platform entrances and train doors it can make boarding and alighting difficult, and can lead to bottlenecks. The green lanes trial looks to solve these problems, and ease the high levels of congestion created as a result.

How it works

Green vinyl areas on the platform floor will encourage people not to stop in certain places. Announcements will also be made to remind customers to keep moving.

The trial takes place on the platform for the southbound Victoria line at Kings Cross. It starts on Monday 17 July and will last up to three months.


Using CCTV cameras, we will time how quickly passengers get on and off the train, as well as noting if fewer trains are delayed due to overcrowding.

For comparison, we have collected data from before the trial, looking at the morning peak.

We are constantly trialling initiatives to make customer journeys quicker and more comfortable. We will study the results of the Green Lane trial before deciding whether this can be introduced more widely.