How to work with us

A commercial partnership with us has four main characteristics:

  1. Generates revenue for us through a partnership or rights fee
  2. Improves our customers' experience of using the TfL network
  3. Meets a commercial partners' business objective
  4. Helps one of our business objectives

The first three are essential for all commercial partnerships, the fourth is essential for longer term partnerships (eg Santander Cycles), but not shorter ones (eg a 24 hour renaming of a station).

Partnership opportunities

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Opportunities which don't need a partnership

There are standardised commercial opportunities which don't need a commercial partnership. These include:

  • out of home advertising
  • experiential advertising in stations
  • advertising on the TfL network
  • website and filming on the TfL network

For a variation on these, or to include assets which aren't otherwise commercially available, you'll need to fill in a commercial partnership brief to help us determine initial feasibility and pricing.


As a general rule, a partnership with us will cost a minimum of £100k. However, our commercial partnerships are bespoke in each case.

The cost depends on the type, number, duration and (where applicable) location of the assets, and the complexity of the overall partnership.

Where a partnership opportunity is likely to attract significant market interest, we use a managed sales process. In this, potential commercial partners submit bids for the opportunity to partner with us (eg. Santander Cycles for the London Cycle Hire Scheme).

Lead times

Lead times vary, with a minimum of 12 to 14 weeks.


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Submit a brief

To submit an initial commercial partnership brief, fill in the form below and return to To help us give you a considered response, please complete all fields.