A Workplace Parking Levy (WPL) is a charge on employers and education organisations for the number of parking places they provide that are regularly used by employees, students or others.

WPLs are used to encourage commuters to switch away from using private vehicles to get to work or school - this will help us meet the Mayor's aim that 80% of trips in London be made by walking, cycling or by public transport by 2041. The revenue raised will be spent on improving local transport.

The Mayor of London's wish to help boroughs introduce WPLs as part of their traffic reduction strategies is set out in Proposal 23 of the Mayor's Transport Strategy.

We can help interested boroughs build the evidence base for a new scheme and ensure it meets the requirements of the Mayor's Transport Strategy.

We have also prepared model legal documents for boroughs to use if they want to consult on a potential scheme.

Our information on Smart commuting can also help with the implementation of a WPL.

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