Legible London

Legible London - walking man on yellow beacon

Walking is a great way of getting around London. It's free, healthy, environmentally friendly, and often the quickest option. Yet many people are put off by inconsistent signage and confusion about distances between areas.

We've developed Legible London to tackle these issues and help both residents and visitors walk to their destination quickly and easily. It's also integrated with other transport modes so when people are leaving the Underground, for example, they can quickly identify the route to their destination.

We worked with a range of organisations representing disability groups to ensure the Legible London design is as inclusive as possible. For example, the Legible London maps show steps, pavement widths and pedestrian crossings.

Legible London is already working successfully across London, with more than 1,300 signs - half in central London and in nearly every London borough. Our research shows that nine out of ten people were keen to see more Legible London signs introduced.

Find out more about bringing Legible London to your area.

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