The Healthy Workplace Charter is a structured framework designed to recognise and support business investment in staff health and wellbeing. Launched in 2012, it has the full support of local authorities and the GLA family.

We hold the Excellence award for the charter and want to encourage our partners and stakeholders to get free support from the GLA and local authorities to make their workplaces healthier and happier.

The Charter is:

  • An evidence-based accreditation scheme
  • Coordinated by the Mayor of London's Office, supported by Public Health England and backed by leading employers
  • Aimed at supporting and inspiring employers to create health-enhancing, engaged and productive workplaces

The benefits of the Charter are:

  • An evidence-based template to design employee wellbeing strategies (with a long track record of success)
  • Proven strategies to enhance employee health and increase engagement and productivity
  • Fully-funded consultancy and support from an expert in workplace health and wellbeing
  • A change to be recognised as a top employer in London - to promote a company's brand and attract top talent
  • Access to an exclusive network of leading employers