Mayor of London

Oyster Ticket Stops

Find your nearest Oyster Ticket Stop.

You can:

  • Get an Oyster card
  • Top up an Oyster card or Oyster photocard with pay as you go credit
  • Buy or renew the following tickets
    • 7 Day Bus & Tram Pass
    • 7 Day Travelcard
    • Monthly Travelcard
    • Monthly Bus & Tram Pass
    • Annual Bus & Tram Pass

When you get a new Oyster card from an Oyster Ticket Stop, you need to add a minimum of £1.50 pay as you go credit.

    You can't:

    • Get an Oyster photocard for discounted travel
    • Buy paper tickets (cash single tickets and Day Travelcards)

    Discount travel

    If you get discounted travel you'll need to bring your Oyster photocard, Jobcentre Plus Travel Discount Card or Bus & Tram Discount card with you.

    How to pay

    Please check with individual retailers which types of payment are accepted.

    Buying tickets in advance

    7 Day, Monthly or longer period Travelcards and Bus & Tram Passes can be bought up to seven days in advance on Oyster.