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I refer to my previous FOI - TfL ref: FOI-2090-1617 I would be grateful for suitably redacted copies of the TRUs for: January/February 2017 March 2017

On the 22nd March 2017, your company had four buses on westminster bridge during a terror attack. Can you tell me if ALL your bus cameras were switched on or off during this time?

1) The total number of visitors to each venue you operate between the years of 2014-16 inclusive, broken down by calendar year and venue; and 2) The amount of money (in pounds sterling)...

I am writing to see if I can obtain a copy of the Freedom of Information Request TfL answered that is referenced in this article for Gizmodo (

Please could you provide me with the dimensions of the yellow box junction at the junction between Lisson Grove and Marlybourne Rd, NW1.

Please see attached pdf with email.

F/on from FOI-2090. January & February 2017 editions of Ticketing & Revenue Updates

Please may I request to view the latest copy of the RSA for the South Circular A205 between Putney and East Sheen?

I am writing to find out up-to-date data on the pneumatic system used on LU trains for braking systems and other functions. I particularly want to know about the compressor used and the main...

To whom it may concern... I am writing to you today to make a request into the number of TFL buses which have been issued with fines for waiting in yellow boxes. I am not asking for any individuals...