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There is what appears to be a ulez camera to the front of Kenley treatment works - what is the purpose of this camera as tis part of the A22 is outside the. Ulez charging zone

Please provide passenger numbers for Norbury station since 2017. Ideally this would be summarised by day or month.

Dear Transport for London, Capita plc is contracted to prepare evidential submissions to London Tribunals on behalf of TfL. I would like to know how much is paid to Capita for each case processed.

I'd like to inquire as to whether: 1. TfL have active plans to reinstate the direct Beckton to Stratford International service launched around the time of the Olympics.

follow up from FOI-3041-2324 1) In relation to the aforementioned, which does TfL believe to be the root cause of the installation of a product that is 'not fit for purpose'? 2) Please explain...

Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to request you to provide me the detailed information on delays and breakdown on Elizabeth line on Monday, 22 January 2024 especially during 8: 50 am to 10:...

Hello, I’ve just heard a radio ad saying 20mph roads make roads 24% safer. I’d like to see the source data on this please.

Please would it be possible to see the asbestos survey report for Angel Tube station?

1. When was website created? 2. When were the contents taken off line or when was the site shut down for many months of maintenance (so far as I am aware, it was...

How many passengers travel on the East London Line (Highbury & Islington through to New Cross and beyond each week? Many thanks