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Request ID: FOI-1974-1617
Date published: 09 March 2017

You asked

Please provide the following information, in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act: 1. Copies of, (the latest version of), London Underground training material relating to retail/commercial training for LU staff and associates. This may include details of ticket issuing procedures, specimen ticket/pass/smartcard/product images, ticket restriction text, ticket checking procedures or instructions, product area maps, handouts, course assessments, lesson plans and course objectives. 2. Specimen images or artwork of all TfL staff travel documentation, (such as PTAC, Nominee Oysters, other Oysters, permits, authority to travel documentation and gate passes which may be accepted on all or some TfL / LU services - along with details of their respective validity areas, time and day restrictions. 3. Specimen images or artwork of all TfL managed fare/travel documentation, particularly Oyster cards (including special or limited editions), paper tickets, smartcards, 4. Specimen images or artwork of concessionary travel passes or permits issued to the public, particularly Freedom Pass (or similar), ZIP Oyster, Student products etc - again, along with details of their validity areas and associated restrictions. 5. Specimen images or artwork of any other ticket, product, smartcard or documentation that could be presented to a member of TfL / LU staff for inspection, and that TfL/LU staff will have received training in relation to such item. The specimen images or artwork provided in each case should include all parts of the relevant product, (such as front and reverse views, along with any other document required to support it, such as a Photocard). It is my belief that a copy of the complete Training Course material delivered to front line staff involved in Revenue Protection, ticket checking or customer care is likely to contain all of the above. This is largely likely to be held in PDF or other electronic format, and should be relatively easy to find and provide. In the interests of security or fraud prevention, it is acceptable for certain items from the above list to be marked "SPECIMEN" or similar - however, any preventative measures added in respect of this should not obscure any text or prevent the image etc from being fully examined.

We answered

Our Ref: FOI-1974-1617

Thank you for your e-mail received on 12 January 2017 asking for information about training materials, content and resources.

Your request has been considered in accordance with the requirements of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act and our information access policy. We do hold the information you require.

However, in accordance with section 31(1)(a) – prevention or detection of crime we are withholding the requested information. We are not making any presumption about your intended use of the information, but we must consider disclosure under FOI as a disclosure to the world at large. We recognise that some of the requested information is available on the TfL website, however the provision of the full set of information requested would assist fare evasion. Whilst we recognise the public interest in transparency, and the right of the public to scrutinise the activities of Transport for London, we  consider that the public interest is served by withholding the requested information.

Please see the attached information sheet for details of your right to appeal.

Yours sincerely

Paulina Tuffour
FOI Case Officer

FOI Case Management Team
General Counsel
Transport for London

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