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Request ID: FOI-0237-2425
Date published: 06 June 2024

You asked

Please can I request copies of the questions and scoring criteria in your last five awarded procurements over 500K.

We answered

Our ref: FOI-0237-2425


Thank you for your request received by Transport for London (TfL) on 20 April 2024 asking for information about procurement contracts.


Your request has been considered under the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and our information access policy. 


I can confirm that we do hold the information you require. Please see information for the last 5 awarded procurements over £500k with questions and scoring associated.


The table below represents the projects and the attachments represent the questions and scoring for each project. 


Sourcing Project Title

Copies of questions and scoring criteria provided

Attachments Title

TFL 96339 Occ Health Medical Health Checks


TFL 96339 Occ Health Medical Health Checks

Labour for third Party Track Programme


3rdParty Tender Scoring Criteria

2021-064 B2007 Data Recorder Replacement


  • The first word document details the tender submission requirements, evaluation criteria and scoring tables copied from the ITT.
  • The HSE questions and scoring criteria were included as an appendix to the ITT. This is attached separately.
  • The Cyber Security questions and guidance were included as an appendix to the ITT. This is attached separately. 

The ITT also included additional programme scoring guidance as an appendix. This is attached separately.

File 1.2 ITT Appendix H - Health and Safety –


File 1.3 ITT Programme Appendix


Appendix D Cyber Security


DLR B2007 Data Recorders Tender Questions and Scoring

24-25 - 25-26 Call-Off Contract under the TfL-93456 Framework Agreement - APD - Signal Works Delivery Signalling Resource


Refer to the attached "TfL-93456 01 2024-25 - Questions to supplier" document for all the questions we asked from the supplier for each position. Each Excel file in this document will contain operative details questions, which suppliers are required to submit.

Refer to the attached document "TfL 93456 01 2023-24 - scoring criteria" for the scoring criteria we used for each role. Under this document, each excel file will contain an Evaluation Guidance Sheet, which displays the completed details of the scoring criteria.


TfL 93456 01 2023-24 - scoring criteria


TfL-93456 01 2024-25 - Questions  to supplier

TTLP 00003 Wood Lane Station – Refurbishment and Fit-out of Commercial Arches_AM 


Wood Lane Arches Refurbishment Scoring Questions and Percentages


In accordance with our obligations under Data Protection legislation some personal data has been removed, as required by section 40(2) of the FOI Act. This is because disclosure of this personal data would be a breach of the legislation, specifically the first principle of Article 5 of the UK General Data Protection Regulation which requires all processing of personal data to be fair and lawful. It would not be fair to disclose this personal information when the individuals have no expectation it would be disclosed and TfL has not satisfied one of the conditions which would make the processing ‘fair’.


This exemption to the right of access to information is an absolute exemption and not subject to an assessment of whether the public interest favours use of the exemption.


If you are not satisfied with this response please see the attached information sheet for details of your right to appeal.



Yours sincerely,




Tahsin Prima

FOI Case Officer

General Counsel

Transport for London


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