We'd like to see more Londoners use their feet. It's good for the environment and your health. That's why we support the 'Make Walking Count' campaign. It aims to increase the number of trips made by foot by one million a day by 2031.

Pedestrian Countdown

Pedestrian Countdown technology is in place at more than 900 traffic light sites across London as of December 2016.

Pedestrian Countdown at traffic signals tells you how long you have to cross the road after the green man light has gone out.

The technology also helps to smooth traffic flow by a few seconds for drivers, motorcyclists, buses and cyclists. The guidelines for installing Pedestrian Countdown are on the Streets publications page.

Small steps

Keeping children safe is a top priority. That's why we teach them road safety from a very young age. Popular schemes include The Children's Traffic Club London (three to four-year-olds) and the Junior Travel Ambassadors scheme (nine to 11-year-olds).