We want to give Londoners the confidence to park their bikes in designated areas without fear of theft or criminal damage.

Initiatives include:   

  • The establishment of a dedicated TfL-funded Cycle Task Force in the Metropolitan Police Service's Safer Transport Command to investigate and tackle organised cycle theft, and to disrupt the market and trade of stolen second-hand bikes and parts   
  • Tackling cycle theft at problem locations, prioritised at a local level by policing   
  • Educating cyclists to prevent cycle theft   
  • Developing an effective code of practice for sellers, second-hand resellers, internet retailers, trading standards and insurance companies (similar to the responsible retailers agreement)   
  • Establishing a single, endorsed register for all marked bikes in London so police and retailers can search and verify the legitimate owner of a bike   
  • Increase the availability of designated cycle parking in public places where cyclists can securely leave their bikes

Cycle security plan