Providing a safe, comfortable environment for coach travellers, as well as those seeing off or welcoming passengers, is of prime importance. In fulfilling this role we are charged with making a defined commercial profit.

Customer Satisfaction Survey results

Below are the results of our quarterly Customer Satisfaction Surveys in six key areas. 

   Target (%)
Q1 2012/13
 Q2 2012/13
 Q3 2012/13
 Q4 2012/12
Information and signage
 80  86  85  84  87
Cleanliness  73  75  76  75  77
Staff availability and helpfulness
 75  84  82  82  85
Facilities and services
 72  75  72  71  77
Pleasantness  72  77  77  76  79
Overall performance of Victoria Coach Station
 72  80  80  80  81

We believe that our customers are entitled to expect staff to be helpful, pleasant and knowledgeable about the services we offer.  

We also believe that Victoria Coach Station should provide clear and accurate information and a clean and civilised environment in all waiting areas.

Customer Service Excellence logo

Victoria Coach Station is the first organisation in the transport sector to be awarded the Government's Customer Service Excellence Standard.

This award replaces the former government Charter Mark Scheme and was given in recognition of the outstanding level of customer service we provide at the Coach Station.