Equality and inclusion

TfL workforce report 2012 (PDF 451KB)
TfL workforce report 2011 (PDF 1.01MB)
Race Equality Scheme 2008-2011 (PDF 650KB)
Equality Impact Assessments - How to do them (PDF 166KB)
Gender Equality Scheme 2007-2010 (PDF 2.58MB)
Sexual Orientation Equality scheme 2008-2011 (PDF 2.72MB)

Disability Equality Scheme 2009-12

Disability Equality Scheme 2009-2012 (PDF 5.2MB)
Disability and Deaf equality scheme 2009-2012 summary - easy read version (PDF 1.62MB)
Disability and Deaf equality scheme 2009-2012 (Word 434KB)


Delivering e-government 2004 (PDF 1.1MB)
Delivering e-government 2006 (PDF 1.4MB)
Implementing Electronic Government Return 2006 (IEG6) (PDF 181KB)
Implementing Electronic Government Return 2005 (IEG5) (PDF 185KB)
Implementing Electronic Government Return 2005 (IEG4.5) (PDF 403KB)

Financial issues

Lyon's inquiry into Local Government Funding (PDF 65KB)
Guide to Competitive Selection of Designers (PDF 363KB)
Audit of Accounts - notice of public rights (PDF 10KB)

Health and safety

In 2011, we combined the Health and Safety Report with the Environment Report to improve the effectiveness of our performance reporting and focus on health, safety and environment (HSE) objectives and outcomes. A copy of the 2011 report is available to download from the Environment reports page.

Current and recent Health, safety and environment reports are available on the Health, safety & environment page.

TfL Group Annual Health and Safety Report 2009/10 (PDF 2.40MB)
Investigation into the uncontrolled movement of a rail grinding unit on 13 August 2010 (PDF 1.5MB)

Monitoring and performance

Role of the PPP Arbiter and lessons for future monitoring (PDF 395KB)

Skills and employment

Skills and Employment Strategy - December 2011 (PDF 1.19MB)