Your degree: A 2:1 degree in any subject
Scheme length: 3 years
Salary: £26,000
Closing date: This scheme is now closed


Our leadership team helps us to meet the challenges of the future. They look at the best ways to deliver high, and consistently improving, standards of operational performance and service to customers and users.

What you'll be doing

Our General Management scheme develops leaders who understand our goals. You'll get the chance to make strategic decisions about the best ways to invest public money to increase capacity, run a sustainable service, upgrade our assets and look for ways to improve our customer service. This all happens in an ever-changing political environment.

During the scheme, you'll work in a number of placements across London Underground, Surface Transport and some of our specialist services, such as commercial and finance. At some points you'll find yourself working behind a desk and at others, you'll be on the frontline, ensuring that customers see the benefit of our work. You could find yourself working:

  • On the front line - managing a busy Zone 1 tube station, with a team of staff and thousands of customers every day
  • Behind the scenes - gathering and analysing data that will guide multi-million pound investment decisions
  • As a champion for change - coming up with new ideas for how we can improve the service we provide Londoners and visitors, and actually putting those ideas into practice
  • Benchmarking TfL against other metros and bus operators from around the world, to see what we can learn from them and do better here
  • To engage with key stakeholders such as MPs or London Assembly Members, to explain our proposals and answer their concerns.

There are many more possibilities. Everyone on the scheme has a unique experience.

After completing the programme you will have a detailed knowledge of our services, both above and below ground, with sound commercial knowledge and management skills.

The programme breaks down like this:

Years 1 & 2

During the first two years, you'll become more competent and experienced in operations, strategy, commercial and project management across different areas of the business

Year 3

In the third year, you'll focus on an area you'd like to specialise in. Top performers at the end of the scheme can expect to move into a management role with a large remit and responsibility.

Training & development

Throughout your programme, you'll also have the option to study professional or postgraduate qualifications to further support you in your role. We offer full support, to cover professional body registration, course fees and study leave.

We also provide management, technical and professional skills development, from in-house coaching to courses, in our dedicated training centre.


Grad general managment case study

Matthew McGrath, 24

General Management (Now in his second, and final, year)

What is general management?

I am on the General Management scheme, with a focus on Rail and Underground. This means that my placements are a mix of operational and strategy roles in London Underground. From a Customer Strategy perspective, general management aims to make the environment better for the customer, but from another, it might mean having to deal with the day to day challenges of running a busy station.

American and Canadian Studies, University of Birmingham

Working hours
I work 35 hours a week Monday to Friday, usually 8:30 - 4:30, but because TfL doesn't close down at weekends, I sometimes work outside of that. In September, I organised the Open House weekend and worked on the Saturday and Sunday.

Typical day at work
In my current team,  I work on projects which affect stations. I'll usually start my day in the office, speaking to area managers at stations and discussing how projects can improve their station. Naturally, this means heading out to the station so that the scope can be fully understood. Recently, I was at Cockfosters and Morden, talking to station staff so I could understand some of the challenges which could potentially interfere with projects.

You'll find yourself working with many people who have worked here their whole lives and that means it's a business full of passionate and dedicated people, so those are the kinds of people who should be joining the business. It's a job which requires you to embrace London as a part of your life, something I did instantly despite being from 200 miles north of London.


I have really enjoyed my time working in the Customer Strategy team, because you can see the tangible positive impact which your work has on customers. I've become particularly passionate about stations, so I'm shaping my future placements around different areas of stations.