Behaviours & competencies

Our behaviours influence everything we do at work, so it's important to take these into account when we're recruiting. Making sure that applicants can demonstrate the behaviours and competencies we're looking for mean that we're likely to get the right people into the right roles.


Graduates behaviours icon - accountable


Take personal responsibility for your actions and don't make excuses about why something isn't possible

Behaviours icon - active


Step up, don't wait for others. Make things happen, make things better and find solutions.

Graduates behaviours - collaborative


Share your knowledge with others outside you immediate team so everyone can make better decisions. Don't waste time by excluding others

Graduates behaviours icon - direct


Get each task done as quickly as possible, by communicating clearly and not wasting time.

Graduates behaviours - fair and consistent

Fair & consistent

Be open and honest about your decisions, and consider other people's viewpoints and needs

Key competencies

  • Building capability - Building your capabilities, and others', through feedback and learning, or development opportunities. This helps us to get the capabilities we need to meet our business needs.
  • Change and innovation - Responding to, managing or leading business improvements or change across TfL is important. It allows you to meet our strategic priorities and realise the benefits of change. Within an ever-changing environment, this shows us a candidate's resilience and flexibility.
  • Communication and influence - The ability to engage, persuade, convince or influence others, through communication style and approach is invaluable. By influencing, understanding and anticipating others (whether colleagues or your audience), you can adapt your message to gain commitment from them.
  • Customer service orientation - Providing good customer service is a must and at higher levels, this involves being able to  balance the customer's needs alongside other priorities/constraints.
  • Planning and organising - Your ability to plan for yourself, or others, while managing time, resources and delivering your objectives is valuable . Planning and organising should be seen in the context of taking action and not simply thinking about future actions.
  • Problem solving and decision making -The ability to reach conclusions and make effective decisions or recommendations, based on your ability to identify and interpret information.
  • Results focus - Delivering business/performance results to time/budget/quality. This includes looking for ways to improve performance and add value .

What else?

We're also looking for candidates who:

  • Don't mind working on site, when (and if) necessary
  • Have high standards of written and verbal communication
  • Can analyse, solve problems and deal with ambiguous data
  • Adapt to change
  • Work well with colleagues and share information, knowledge and skills
  • Get on with both internal and external customers
  • Demonstrate and understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Work on their own initiative, look for new learning opportunities, career progression and challenges
  • Identifies project goals and works towards them
  • Approaches tasks in a structured, methodical way and can identify priorities and deadlines

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