Apprenticeship level:3
Approximate scheme length:3.5 years
Location: London
Salary: Starts from £18,624
Eligibility criteria:
5 GCSE's A*-C (or equivalent) including maths and English. You are not eligible for this scheme if you currently hold or are working towards a Level 4, 5, 6, 7, HND/C or degree qualification. You are not eligible for this scheme if you currently hold or are working towards a qualification at the same or higher level in a related subject and content from the qualification of this scheme. You must be 18 years of age by 1st September of the year in which you apply, to be eligible for this scheme.

What will I be doing?

There are many different placements lasting a few weeks to several months during the apprenticeship such as:

  • Engineering Design for Traffic Infrastructure
  • Asset Operations
  • Maintenance of Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Delivery
  • Asset Management

What will the programme involve?

In utilising cutting-edge technology, you will be involved in the design and delivery of traffic signals on London's streets. You will have a front-line role in maximising road space efficiency on London's roads. The opportunity to be able to step out the office and see a junction working well and knowing you were responsible gives not only a massive sense of achievement, but also acts in keeping London's vital road network moving.

What training and support will I get?

For the duration of the scheme you'll have a business sponsor that is responsible for the design and delivery of the apprenticeship scheme. They will help secure the right placements for you and support you in your professional development. You'll also have a mentor that'll support and guide you sharing their knowledge and expertise. Finally you can expect to have a buddy, either a previous apprentice or graduate from this scheme. Your buddy can answer any day to day questions you have and share their experiences with you.

During the scheme you'll not only complete the qualification but also have opportunities to complete additional training courses. These will vary from soft skills training to technical skills training. Your sponsors and placement managers will ensure you attend all the relevant training to support you in your role.

What do we look for?

You will be highly motivated and proactive, with a passion for engineering. If you're a logical thinker with a strong ability to problem solve to tackle technical challenges then this scheme is the perfect way to kick start your career.

Where can this career take me?

This apprenticeship scheme has limitless career potential and possibilities to take you anywhere, if completed with dedication and hard work. You will not only be getting experience but also qualifications that will allow you to progress up the ladder. The scheme is a good introduction to fundamentals of traffic engineering

The current Director of Engineering and Major Projects Director for TfL both started as a technician apprentices so it can be seen that the apprentices can aspire eventually to senior management positions.

Contacting Us

If at any time you need to speak to anyone within the recruitment team then please contact us Monday - Friday between 08:30 and 17:30 on 0333 0062939 (Option 1) or alternatively email us at