We do not directly operate any boat services on the Thames - instead, LRS issues licenses and charges independent boat operators to use the berths at:

  • Greenwich
  • Tower
  • Bankside
  • Blackfriars
  • Festival
  • Embankment
  • Westminster
  • Millbank

Two main categories of boat services use our piers:

  • Scheduled service River Bus and River Tours which operate a regular timetable
  • Ad hoc charter bookings for private hire boats typically used for corporate events or private parties

We also own the Woolwich Ferry vessels and their associated terminals and infrastructure. This cross-river service is run under contract to Briggs Marine and Environmental Services. 

Thames Vision

LRS, through the Mayor's Transport Strategy, supports the goals set out in the Port of London Authority (PLA) Thames Vision for 2035, including increasing passenger numbers on the river to 20 million by this date.

LRS works with all river organisations and groups to drive safe, sustainable growth in river traffic so all of London can benefit from this route through the city.

Find out more and plan your river trip on our River travel pages.

Quick facts

  • 10 million passenger journeys took place on the river in 2017/18
  • The Thames has a large tidal range of up to seven metres between high tide and low tide
  • Renovation work we did on Greenwich Pier in 2017/2018 will increase its lifespan by a decade
  • Transporting passengers on the Thames first became regulated in 1510 when King Henry VIII granted licenses to watermen that gave them exclusive rights to carry passengers on the river