Vision for cycling

This vision for cycling aims to achieve four key outcomes:

  1. A Tube network for the bike. London will have a network of direct, high capacity, joined-up cycle tracks. Many will run in parallel with key Underground, rail and bus routes. There will be more Dutch-style fully segregated lanes and junctions; more mandatory cycle lanes, semi-segregated from traffic; and a network of direct back street Quietway routes
  2. Safer streets for the bike. London's streets and spaces will become places where cyclists feel they belong and are safe. Spending will be targeted to deliver substantial improvements to the worst junctions and a range of radical measures will improve the safety of cyclists around large vehicles
  3. More people travelling by bike. By 2020, cycling will double. We will normalise cycling, making it something anyone feels comfortable doing
  4. Better places for everyone. The new bike routes are a step towards the vision of a 'village in the city', creating green corridors, with more tree-plantings, more space for pedestrians and less traffic. Cycling will promote community safety, bringing new life and vitality to underused streets and will transform more of our city into a place dominated by people, not motor traffic 

Read the Vision for Cycling document.

In 2010 we worked to understand the potential for further growth in cycle travel, to make sure that we were providing good value for money and meeting the needs of residents.

The Analysis of Cycling Potential report gives an insight into what types of trips, people and places can offer the best opportunity for growth.

In April and May 2013, a Cycle Census of central London was carried out over a four week period. The Census surveyed a total of 164 sites using a combination of manual counts and video surveys.

Read the technical note and summary results of the Cycle Census.

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