Mayor's Transport Strategy

Transport is at the heart of the vision of the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, to create a city for all Londoners.

The Mayor's Transport Strategy sets out his plans to transform London's streets, improve public transport and create opportunities for new homes and jobs. To achieve this, the Mayor wants to encourage more people to walk, cycle and use public transport.

The final Mayor's Transport Strategy was published by the Mayor on 13 March 2018. It incorporates revisions following our public consultation.

London's transport challenges

The city's population is forecast to rise from 9 million people today to 10.8 million in 2041. We must find new ways to plan London's growth.

We need:

  • Healthy Streets designed to tackle the physical inactivity crisis
  • Reduced traffic on London's streets
  • Better air quality and work aimed at making London a zero-carbon city
  • A reliable public transport system that can cope with more passengers
  • An accessible, affordable and safe transport network
  • Investment in transport to support the creation of new homes and jobs
"The central aim is for 80% of all trips in London to be made on foot, by cycle or using public transport by 2041 "

The Mayor's approach

The strategy uses the Healthy Streets Approach. This makes health and personal experience the priority as we plan our city.

The Healthy Streets Approach will be applied to the whole transport system to help create:

  • Healthy Streets and healthy people
  • A good public transport experience
  • New homes and jobs

Healthy Streets and healthy people

Streets make up 80% of London's public spaces - making them Healthy Streets will improve the quality of life for everyone in London.

A good public transport experience

Public transport is the most efficient way for people to travel distances that are too long to walk or cycle. A seamless, 'whole-journey' experience will provide an attractive alternative to using the car.

New homes and jobs

London needs 65,000 new homes every year to meet demand, plus around 1.3 million more jobs by 2041. We have an opportunity to reshape London and make sure it grows in a way that improves the quality of life for everyone.

Making the strategy work

The Mayor's Transport Strategy looks ahead two decades and cuts across all forms of transport in London. To implement the strategy's proposals successfully, we will need to:

  • Develop and deliver strategies and plans to achieve the Mayor's priorities
  • Prepare for new technology and unpredictable changes to the way we live
  • Find a more efficient and fair way of paying for transport projects in London
  • Work with partners across London and beyond, including the Government, London boroughs, other transport operators, business and other stakeholders

Mayor's Transport Strategy evidence base

Several documents and reports went into the Mayor's Transport Strategy. These includes the:

Monitoring our progress

Progress will be reported annually in the Travel in London report.