Gallions Reach and Belvedere


A public consultation on the scheme was held between Wednesday 2 December 2015 and Friday 12 February 2016 and more than 4,500 responses were received. We have now published a report that presents the results of this consultation, as well as responses to some of the key issues raised.

See the report on the Gallions Reach and Belvedere river crossings consultation page.


Our current timeline for the Gallions Reach and Belvedere river crossings is:

  • 2017: agreement on funding and decision to proceed
  • 2017/18: statutory consultation
  • 2018: submit application for the powers needed to build the scheme
  • 2021: contract award
  • 2025: estimated completion

Project benefits

While the exact alignment of each crossing has not been finalised, the Gallions Reach crossing would link the A2016 Western Way in Thamesmead with the A1020 Royal Docks Road in the north. The Belvedere crossing would link the A2016 Bronze Age Way in Belvedere with the A13 Marsh Way junction in Rainham.

These new crossings would:

  • Better connect people, businesses and communities with each other, increasing access to jobs, education and leisure activities
  • Make it easier for people and goods to cross the river in east London
  • Create opportunities for new cross-river public transport links and improve local walking and cycling options
  • Support London's growing economy by better connecting businesses, and improving access to labour markets
  • Encourage development in the area, helping to address London's housing shortage
  • Help manage the impact of population growth by reducing cross-river journey times and distances
East London river crossingsLocations of the proposed Gallions Reach and Belvedere river crossings

Other crossings in east London

The proposed crossings are in addition to the planned Silvertown Tunnel near the existing Blackwall Tunnel and the proposed new Lower Thames Crossing being developed by Highways England for the Department for Transport.

A public consultation on the proposals for a Lower Thames Crossing finished in March 2016. A decision expected later in the year will be confirmed on the Lower Thames Crossing consultation page.

We are considering the potential of a new bridge or ferry service for pedestrians and cyclists between Canary Wharf and Rotherhithe. Work to upgrade the Woolwich Ferry was completed in 2016.

Connecting the Capital

Our report, Connecting the Capital, sets out our vision for how 13 proposed new river crossings can support the needs of London's rapidly growing population. The report is on our New river crossings for London page in Publications & reports.


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