Travelcard survey

We distribute thousands of Travelcard diaries every year for you to record the trips you make.

For each diary completed and returned to us, we donate £2 split equally between our four nominated registered charities:

Over the past nine years you've helped us raise more than £464,000. Our latest donation, made in May 2016, shared £1,938 among our nominated charities.

You may receive a Travelcard diary through the post or by email, or one of our surveyors may offer you a diary at a station.

The diaries are simple to fill in and free to return, see below for more detail on completing a diary.

Every diary we get back is useful, so thanks to all of you who have helped out with the survey so far.

Completing diaries

When completing diaries, please remember to:

  • Record all trips, including return trips
  • Record trips on London Overground as 'Rail'
  • Record trips on different modes separately, for example if you take the Tube to Finsbury Park and then change to National Rail, record the trips as separate entries on the diary

Selecting our charities

The four charities selected to receive the Travelcard survey donation were chosen to reflect a wide range of  public interests.

We are not actively looking at the moment for any other charities to join the survey.


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