London's transport in the Second World War

Welcome to the portal for our World War II showcase.

From November 2020 until June 2021, we are dedicating our online collections portal to the memory of all of our predecessor staff who served during World War II.


22,580 London Passenger Transport Board (TfL's predecessor company) staff served in the armed forces during WWII. But service to the war effort was not limited to fighting overseas. In London, our staff showed great resilience, determination, and sacrifice to shelter civilians from bombings, keep transport services running during air raids, provide aid to staff and their families who were in need, and undertake manufacturing for the war effort.

The website uses material available to staff remotely during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 to shed light on some of the stories of the London Passenger Transport Board at War.

Please feel free to visit the site as many times as you like - our intention is to make more material available when possible, including videos.

For a consolidated view of the story narratives you can access printable PDF documents by following the links below:

Consolidated War Stories