We're working hard to inspire current and future generations of women at TfL. That means developing our workforce and inspiring the next generation.

We are developing the workforce by:

  • attracting more women by highlighting the careers on offer
  • showcasing the contributions women have made, and continue to make in the industry
  • providing opportunities for personal development and progression at all levels
  • establishing an industry-wide network as a legacy of continued improvement and development
  • running inspirational and thought-provoking events

We are inspiring the next generation by:

  • tackling the lack of understanding about what the transport industry stands for
  • demonstrating why transport can be for anyone and everyone
  • education, particularly of young people about the variety of roles on offer
  • promoting a young people and schools engagement programme

Through development and inspiration, we hope to:

  • support our industry and improve the way we respond to new challenges (including unprecedented levels of growth and development in London and across the UK)
  • build our brand as the industry of choice
  • contribute to London and the UK as a whole

Present and future

These films were created in 2014 to celebrate 100 years of women in transport.