Improving the trains

  • 250 new Tube trains for the Piccadilly, Bakerloo, Central and Waterloo & City┬álines rolled out from the mid-2020s
  • Walk-through carriages helping to ease extra demand at peak times
  • Air-cooled carriages for a more comfortable journey
  • More reliability as modern signalling systems will ensure fewer delays
  • More capacity with a faster, more frequent service
  • Improved accessibility with step-free access at platform level

A single design

We are creating a blueprint for a single train design that will be rolled out across the Piccadilly, Bakerloo, Central and Waterloo & City lines, allowing for more efficient procurement and long-term maintenance procedures.

250 new Tube trains

Around two-thirds of our lines are being or have been upgraded. We also have a programme of work underway to increase frequencies on upgraded lines even further.

More reliable service

As part of our ongoing investment in the Underground network and to meet the needs of London's rapidly growing population, we are continuing to invest in and improve our services.

By introducing new modern signalling systems and new trains on the Piccadilly, Bakerloo, Central and Waterloo & City lines, delays due to signal and train failures will be reduced.

Additionally, over the course of time we will also be introducing platform edge doors where possible (as used on the Jubilee line), helping to ensure customer safety and reducing delays due to litter and other obstructions on the tracks.

Meeting London's growing demand

London's population is set to increase from 8.4 million today to around 10 million by 2030. The new modern signalling systems and new trains we're introducing will increase capacity to help us meet this challenge.

Piccadilly line
60% more capacity (the equivalent of up to 21,000 customers per hour)

Bakerloo line
25% more capacity (the equivalent of up to 9,000 customers per hour)

Central line
25% more capacity (the equivalent of up to 12,000 customers per hour)

Waterloo & City line
50% more capacity (the equivalent of up to 7,000 customers per hour)

A train for 2020s-2060s and beyond

We are making sure our trains will be future-proofed as they'll start to be rolled out by the mid 2020s and will last for at least 40 years. Because of this, new trains will have:

  • More capacity to meet the increased demand
  • Air-cooling for more comfortable journeys
  • The capability for use in fully-automated mode in the future

The new train design will feature air-cooled carriages as part of a more energy-efficient system to manage tunnel temperatures.

The trains will be designed and built to be capable of fully automatic operation. When the trains first enter service, they will have an operator on board. We would only consider implementing full automation following extensive engagement with our customers, stakeholders, staff and trade unions.

We are committed to having a fully-staffed Tube network, with staff on hand to assist customers and ensure safe operations. Given our existing train fleets, all drivers currently working at London Underground will be able to continue to drive trains for the remainder of their careers.

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