Improving the trains

From 2025, new generation Tube trains for the Piccadilly line will begin to replace the existing 1970s fleet.

  • 94 new, spacious 'Inspiro London' trains will serve customers on the Piccadilly line
  • More capacity with a more frequent and reliable service
  • Wider doors and walk-through, air-conditioned carriages with improved access from the platform to train for a more comfortable and accessible journey
  • Designed with sustainability in mind, reducing energy consumption by 20%
new piccadilly line train

More frequent, reliable service

The trains currently running on the Piccadilly line have become increasingly unreliable and expensive to maintain. They will be 50 years old by the time they are replaced.

The new trains will improve reliability and allow us to run more trains per hour during peak times from 2027 - up from 24 to 27. This means a train every 135 seconds at the busiest times - a 23% increase in the number of trains running at those times.

Improved comfort and accessibility

The state-of-the-art Tube trains will significantly improve the experience of millions of customers. Wider doors and longer, walk-through, air-conditioned carriages will make for more comfortable and accessible journeys and allow customers to move easily throughout the train.

Supporting the UK economy

Half of the new train fleet will be built in Goole, East Yorkshire, employing up to 700 people in engineering and manufacturing roles - 250 in the construction phase and 1700 in the broader supply chain.

The order for the new Piccadilly line trains, with a further investment in signalling, would support 25,000 new jobs in London. It would also support the next generation of transport workers through apprenticeship places created both by Siemens Mobility, TfL and the wider supply chain.

Upgrading the network

We remain committed to upgrading our network as part of our wider plans to support the UK's recovery. Our plans for new Bakerloo, Central and Waterloo & City line trains could move quickly into action if a long-term funding deal is agreed with Government.

interior of future piccadilly line train