Improving lines and stations

As we increase capacity on our lines through new signalling and trains, we must also increase capacity at our stations. We are overhauling key central London stations to decrease congestion, add step-free access and make journeys faster. We're also integrating them with other modes of transport, like buses, National Rail, cycling and, at some locations, new Elizabeth line platforms.

We have a plan to develop one signalling system and train fleet - with walk-through, air-cooled carriages - on our deep Tube lines. These will be introduced first on the Piccadilly line from the early 2020s and, following this, on the Bakerloo, Central and Waterloo & City lines. Read more about how we're improving the trains.

Bakerloo line

Station improvements work on this line include:

Elephant & Castle

The Elephant & Castle area is undergoing major transformation with significant investment to create 6,000 new homes and potential for new retail development. The improvements are still in the early stages of planning, but include a new Northern line ticket hall, three new escalators and step free access to the Northern line platforms.

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Central line

We're overhauling two key Central line stations to increase capacity, add step-free access and make your journeys faster:

Bond Street

Work to modernise Bond Street station is progressing well. This key West End station will become even more important when the Elizabeth line arrives. There will be a bigger ticket hall, step-free access from street to platform and extra escalators from 2017 to get you moving more quickly.

Learn more about the Bond Street station upgrade

Tottenham Court Road

One of the Central line's busiest stations is being completely rebuilt, changing the way the station and the area around it is used.

By the time it's complete, the station will have a new ticket hall, step-free access to the platforms, and a pedestrianised plaza outside the station.

It will also be an interchange station for Elizabeth line. By 2018 we plan for 24 trains an hour to pass through the station each way, during peak periods.

There's a lot of work to be done, so please bear with us. We'll try to keep disruptions to a minimum.

Learn more about the Tottenham Court Road station upgrade


This vital interchange between the Central and Piccadilly lines is the 11th busiest station on the Tube network, and by 2031 demand is set to increase by 30%. We are proposing to increase capacity and ensure that the station can fully support the benefits of the planned Piccadilly and Central line upgrades.

The capacity upgrade project is at an early stage of design which is likely to include a new secondary entrance, interchange link, a re-modelled ticket hall and step-free access, that will reduce journey times and boost capacity

Subject to gaining planning approval, it is anticipated the project will be delivered by the mid-2020s.

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Circle and Hammersmith & City lines

A huge upgrade is underway on the Circle and Hammersmith & City lines. Because they share a lot of track and other infrastructure with the District and Metropolitan lines, which together make up around 40% of the Underground network, these lines are being modernised under a single programme.

New trains, track and drainage

We have already introduced brand new bigger, more accessible, air-conditioned and walk-through trains on the Circle and Hammersmith & City lines. A massive programme of track and drainage replacement is also underway to give you a smoother ride and more reliable journeys.

New signalling

We are now getting started on replacing the old existing signalling with a brand new signalling and control system that will allow us to run more trains, closer together and at higher speeds.

When the signalling upgrade is complete in 2023, the combined line capacity on the Circle and Hammersmith & City lines will increase by 65%, which means we will be able to carry about 17,000 more passengers an hour.


In recent years major upgrades and rebuilds have taken place at Blackfriars, Farringdon and King's Cross St Pancras stations to provide more capacity and step-free access.

Work to prepare Liverpool Street and Moorgate stations for Elizabeth line services will mean big improvements at these stations in the coming years.

Other station improvements on this line include:

South Kensington

We have ambitious plans to improve South Kensington station, to reduce congestion to help cope with the thousands of people who use it each day, and to eventually install step-free access to all platforms.

Learn more about our plans for South Kensington

King's Cross St. Pancras

We are already making steps to improve how we present our customer information at King's Cross Underground Station and are introducing a new enhanced Visitor Information Centre in the Western ticket hall near St Pancras.

District line

New trains

We've started introducing 80 new trains that are air-conditioned and have walk-through carriages. To improve accessibility, they also have wider doors and walkways, lower passenger alarms and are easier to board.

New signalling

As part of our Four Lines Modernisation programme, a signalling upgrade will get underway on the District line shortly. When these improvements are complete by 2023, the capacity of the District line will increase by 24%, which means we will be able to carry about 10,000 more passengers an hour.

Step-free access

Major works at Whitechapel to prepare for Elizabeth line services will also mean this station will be made step-free by 2019.

Other station improvement work on this line include:

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Jubilee line

The initial modernisation of the Jubilee line upgrade is complete, but track renewal work and other maintenance to keep the Tube safe and reliable will continue. We may need to close the northern part of the Jubilee line occasionally when work on the Metropolitan line affects sections of tracks these lines share.

You can keep up with planned closures by checking our Planned works calendar.

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Metropolitan line

Our improvements to the Metropolitan line, which are being carried out as part of our Four Lines Modernisation programme which is also upgrading the Circle, Hammersmith & City and District lines, has already delivered brand new air-conditioned and more accessible trains.

Replacing tracks, drainage and other infrastructure

We have been carrying out a lot of work in recent years to replace old and worn out track and drainage across the Metropolitan line, which together with the new trains, has meant speedier journeys. However, there is still more to do and so from time to time there will be a need for sections of the line to be closed at weekends for this work.

New signalling

We will be installing a brand new signalling system on the Metropolitan line in the next few years. When the upgrade is complete in 2023, the capacity of the Metropolitan line will increase by 27%. This means we can carry around 9,500 more customers per hour at the busiest times.

Metropolitan line extension

The Metropolitan line extension, previously know as the Croxley Rail Link, will re-route and extend the Metropolitan line to service the existing Watford Junction and Watford High Street stations. Two new stations will also be created at Cassiobridge and Watford Vicarage Road.

Trains are projected to be running on the new route from late 2020.

Learn more about the Metropolitan line extension

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Northern line

We are carrying out a massive investment programme over the next decade to transform the Northern line from the misery line to the black diamond.

Extending the Northern line to Nine Elms and Battersea is just one step in this plan, creating more capacity by growing the network and supporting regeneration in the nation's capital. The vital addition to the Underground network will help kick start regeneration in the Vauxhall, Nine Elms and Battersea area of south London, supporting up to 25,000 new jobs and 16,000 new homes and cutting journey times to the West End and the City to just under 15 minutes.

The Northern line signalling upgrade has delivered a 20% increase in capacity through central London during the busiest times. The signalling upgrade paves the way for further train frequencies in the early 2020s once we increase the number of trains on the line.

Additionally, we are rebuilding or have plans to rebuild those Tube stations critical to improving capacity and supporting regeneration including Tottenham Court Road, Bank, Camden Town and Elephant & Castle.

Station improvements work on this line include:

Camden Town

It is vital that Camden Town station is improved in order to ensure we can accommodate the growing demand at the station and along the Northern line.

We are developing plans for a station upgrade which would include easier access in and out of the station, greater capacity to ease congestion, clearer customer information about services, lifts to provide step-free access from street to platform and improvements to enhance the public realm of the station.

Subject to funding and consents, work at the station could commence in 2019 for completion by 2024.

Learn more about the Camden Town capacity upgrade

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Piccadilly line

Station improvements work on this line include:

Finsbury Park station

At Finsbury Park station, work has started to reduce congestion and speed up journeys through the station by providing a new entrance and ticket gates. The station will also become step-free with the introduction of new lifts.

Other improvements will include enhanced CCTV and customer information, as well as new ticket machines and improved environment at Seven Sisters Road and Station Place entrances. These improvements are set to be complete in 2019.

Caledonian Road

To increase reliability and make sure that the station continues to operate safely, we need to refurbish both lifts at Caledonian Road station. We are currently reviewing the best way to refurbish the lifts in the quickest and safest way, and with as little disruption as possible.

See also:

Victoria line

We're planning further work on signalling and track to increase frequency to 36 trains per hour - a train every 100 seconds - in the peak hours by 2017.

Station improvements work on this line include:

Finsbury Park station

At Finsbury Park station, work is starting to reduce congestion and speed up journeys through the station by providing a new entrance and ticket gates. The station will also become step-free with the introduction of new lifts.

Other improvements will include enhanced CCTV and customer information, as well as new ticket machines and improved environment at Seven Sisters Road and Station Place entrances. These improvements are set to be complete in 2019.


Vauxhall station is being transformed as part of a wider investment designed to support the growth and regeneration of the surrounding area.

We're improving the station by adding step-free access and a larger ticket hall with wide aisle gates, allowing disabled passengers and those with buggies or heavy luggage to travel more easily.

This will reduce congestion and speed up journey times through the station. Once the Tube station lift is completed it will create a fully accessible interchange between National Rail, bus and Tube.


You may have noticed that Victoria is busier than usual as we're doing a great deal of work at the station. This massive improvement project will mean less congestion, more step-free access and quicker journeys in and out of the station. It's a huge job and there's a lot to be done before we finish work in 2018, so please bear with us.

Learn more about the Victoria station upgrade

See also:

Waterloo & City line

Bank and Monument

At peak times, Bank is one of the most congested stations on the Underground. Demand continues to rise, and if nothing is done, there will be an increase in temporary station closures for crowd control, and the need to run trains non-stop through Bank.

To help remove some of the bottlenecks and speed customer journeys through the station, we have refurbished and replaced all of the station's 15 escalators.

We are progressing plans to increase capacity, reduce interchange times and improve accessibility. Our proposal includes:

  • Creation of a new southbound running tunnel and platform for the Northern line
  • A new station entrance on Cannon Street
  • Step-free access between the Northern line, DLR and the street

A new station entrance is being created to Bank station beneath Bloomberg's new headquarters on Walbrook. The new entrance will open in late 2017 and deliver improved access to the Waterloo & City line. The new station entrance will include:

  • Two new lifts
  • Four new escalators
  • A new ticket hall

Learn more about the upgrade at Bank and Monument stations


The York Road entrance/exit to Waterloo Tube station is being redeveloped by a third party. During this work an additional escalator will be added, as well as a new Tube ticket hall, which will include ATM facilities and retail space.

For demolition and reconstruction work to take place, we will close this entrance until summer 2018.

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