Station types and trivia

Station categories

We categorise our stations in the four ways below.

Sketch of a Gateway station type


These stations are the main visitor entry points to London, with high volumes of customers and a high proportion of people unfamiliar with the Tube network. At these stations, new Visitor Information Centres will be in place. An example of a Gateway station would be King's Cross St. Pancras or Heathrow 1,2,3.

Sketch of a destination station type


These busy stations in Central London have high volumes of customers and include commuter rail termini and tourist destinations. An example of a destination station would be Embankment.

Sketch of a metro station type


These stations serve predominantly inner London communities with many regular users. An example of a metro station would be Clapham South.

Sketch of a local station type


These smaller stations, in outer London or beyond, have lower customer numbers and serve mainly regular customers, familiar with the Tube network. An example of a local station would be Rickmansworth.

Tube trivia

  • Tottenham Court Road station upgrade will have 80,000 ceramic tiles installed in its station - enough to tile eight Olympic pools
  • Tottenham Court Road station upgrade will have 327,000 metres of cabling installed - four times the length of the Central line
  • Tottenham Court Road station has 8,000 panels of glass cladding installed, weighing 180 tonnes - the same as a blue whale
  • Victoria station has received 23,000 cubic metres of reinforced concrete - enough to fill nine Olympic pools or 3,800 concrete mixers
  • Victoria station is getting 300 metres of new tunnels - the same distance a Torchbearer carried the Olympic Flame during the 2012 Olympics
  • At Victoria station, we have installed over 2,000 interlocking jet grout columns
  • Also at Victoria, we are using over 100 suppliers to increase the size of the station by 133%
  • Along with the waste from the Crossrail sites, Bond Street station upgrade waste goes to Wallasea Island where it is being used by the RSPB to create a nature reserve
  • Some of the excavation work at Bond Street had to be done by hand. A tunnel has been dug by hand between the Central line platforms to create a passage to one of the new lifts

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