Share the Road

What is it about these streets that we pound from day to day? They reveal sides of us we barely recognise.

Living in London can be stimulating and fun but as with any major city it has its challenges - one of those is travelling around on our busy roads. We all compete for space and as our population grows, the roads get busier and there's less space to be had.

All road users - motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists - are affected by the issues we face today: the pace of traffic and the pace of London life. Sometimes it gets to us all and we lose our cool.

But what if we let it go? And leave it behind?

Share the Road is our new campaign, asking all road users to think about their attitudes on the road. If we were all a bit more considerate, rather than competing and losing our temper, then we'd all have better, safer and less stressful journeys.

Our videos

Watch and share our Voice of Reason TV advert.

Be the Voice of Reason

Our campaign aims to get people living, working and travelling in London to think about their attitudes on the road and we're encouraging you to discuss them using #ShareTheRoad on Twitter and Facebook.

Will you share the road? Have you got any tips for a safer stress-free journey through the city's streets? Visit the TfL Facebook page or @TfL on Twitter and use #ShareTheRoad to join in.

Our gallery

Voice of Reason is one of a range of campaigns designed to help reduce the number of collisions on the road. If you're looking for some tips on how to stay safe and avoid collisions, take a look at our Road safety section.

Our road responsibilities

One of our main aims is to keep London's roads moving. Given that 80% of all journeys in London are made by road, it's a vital part of what we do.

Responsibility for managing London's road network is shared between the Highways Agency, Transport for London and the 33 London boroughs.

We manage the TfL Road Network (the TLRN or London's 'red routes') and are responsible for the maintenance, management and operation of the Capital's 6,000-plus sets of traffic signals.

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