These roads are London's main routes, and although they make up only 5% of the total road length, they carry more than 30% of London's traffic. There are signs and road markings along the red routes which help keep London moving as well as inform you of the rules of the road.

We've asked the people who use London's roads the most to share useful tips to help you understand the rules of loading bays and yellow box junctions in order to help you avoid fines and keep traffic flowing.

Our fairer approach to helping drivers

We want to be fair and help drivers. To do this we are using a fairer approach to the issue and payment of penalty charges. We would prefer to avoid issuing a fine if you follow the rules. This includes:

  • For the first few weeks of a new traffic measure being implemented - such as banned turns or yellow box junctions - we may issue a warning notice first instead of a penalty
  • Explaining the road signs and rules that apply
  • Making the process of paying or challenging penalty charges as simple as possible by encouraging more people to use the web channel
  • Improving the way in which our call centre deals with enquiries about penalty charges. 

See our page on Penalty Charge Notices.