Please offer me a seat

Please offer me a seat

Many of our customers, particularly disabled people and people with hidden conditions, tell us they struggle to get a seat when they need one. We have developed a badge and card that we hope will help.

We have recruited 1,000 people for a month-long trial and all those taking part will receive a card and badge, similar to our Baby on Board badge, which carries the message 'Please offer me a seat'. The trial will help us understand if the badge or card can help people access a seat, and understand the reactions of other customers.

Unfortunately the badge and card are not yet available to the public.

In the meantime, our Travel Support Card helps customers communicate with staff and other customers by writing down the help they need, including if they need a seat.

Please offer me a seat card

What do I do if I see someone with a badge?
If you see someone with a badge or card and you are seated, please stand and offer them your seat. While there are priority seats on public transport, we would like to encourage all customers in any seat, to be kind and offer their seat to those that are less able to stand.

I am less able to stand myself. Am I expected to move for badge holders?
Not at all. We recognise that many customers who need a seat won't have a badge or a card, including pregnant women, parents with babies, older people, injured people and disabled people, including those with hidden disabilities and conditions. We trust people to use their common sense.

Do users have to explain why they need a seat to other passengers?
No. The purpose of this badge and card is to eliminate the need to explain to fellow passengers the reason for needing a seat.

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