Incident support service

How we can help you

If you have been involved in, or affected by, a life-changing incident on the TfL network you can contact The Sarah Hope Line in full confidentiality.

We have a dedicated team on hand to make sure that you get the help you deserve, and work in partnership with organisations that can provide further specialised support.

Who is eligible?

The service covers incidents on all TfL modes of transport.

You are eligible for support if:

  • You have been involved in a life-changing incident
  • You are the family member of someone involved in a life-changing incident or fatality
  • You were a witness to such an incident

How to contact us

You can call The Sarah Hope Line on 0343 222 5678, 24 hours a day (check TfL call charges).

You can also reach us by email at

Sarah Hope's story

Sarah Hope was involved in an incident on our network, and her experience led to the foundation of the Sarah Hope Line.

Read Sarah's story

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