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Do not get into an unbooked minicab. Unbooked minicabs are dangerous and put you at risk of attack including sexual assault and robbery.

Always book your minicab with a minicab company.
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What is an unbooked minicab?

It's any minicab that hasn't been booked with a licensed minicab company. It means that there is no record of your journey or vehicle and if there is a problem, your driver cannot be traced.

Woman approachiing a minicab on the street

If you approach a minicab driver directly, or he approaches you, it doesn't mean your minicab is booked. Drivers who accept a fare this way are acting illegally.

Bouncers should not hail minicabs for you

If a bouncer, or somebody with a high vis jacket and clipboard, hails you a minicab on the street, it doesn't mean they have booked it.

Unbooked minicabs are illegal, even with a licence

Even if your minicab has a licence sticker, your minicab is illegal and unsafe unless you have booked it with a licensed minicab company.

What is a booked minicab?

  • The only way to know your minicab is safe is to book it directly with the minicab company via phone, online or in person
  • It guarantees that your trip will be carried out by a licensed, insured driver in a licensed, insured vehicle
  • It also means that a record is kept of your journey, your driver and the vehicle used, so in the event of any problems the driver can be traced.

Black Cabs

Black cabs are different to minicabs:

  • They can be approached on the street or at black cab ranks
  • They can be flagged by the road
  • They do not need to be booked but you can choose to do so using a smart phone app.There are taxi (black cab) apps available in the app stores

Only black cabs can be hailed by customers on the street.


We launched the #HomeSafeSelfie initiative to encourage young women to share a 'selfie' via social media when they arrive home after a night out to raise awareness of the dangers of using unbooked minicabs.

Post a #HomeSafeSelfie to let your friends know you've made it home safely.

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Don't take an unbooked cab

Do not take an unbooked minicab thinking that you will be safe just because:

  • The driver is smartly dressed
  • You have taken down the number plate as an insurance policy
  • You only get a minicab if you are in a group - safety in numbers
  • You talk to a friend on your mobile on the way home for reassurance
  • You have approached the minicab

Essential tips for travelling safely at night

  • Plan your journey in advance
  • Be aware of your surroundings - listening to music or using your mobile can be distracting and dangerous
  • Where possible, keep to brightly lit areas with other people nearby
  • If you feel concerned about your safety on a bus, sit close to the driver
  • On the Tube or train, move to a carriage where there are other people
  • If you feel threatened, use passenger alarms on the Tube or train. Help points are available at Tube, Tram, National Rail and selected bus stations
  • Do not get into an unbooked minicab. The driver is acting illegally, it's dangerous and puts you at risk of attack including sexual assault and robbery

Find out what we're doing to protect you from illegal minicabs.

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