Johnston 100 updated

After 100 years of helping Londoners navigate their city, the iconic Johnston typeface has been digitally updated, complete with hashtag (#) and at @ symbols.

Find out more about how design agency Monotype brought the Johnston typeface into the 21st century.


Johnston 100 posters to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the iconic Johnston typeface, we also collaborated with eleven of the UK's most exciting graphic and design agencies to create a poster to mark this milestone in British design history.

The Johnston typeface history

In 1916, under the direction of Frank Pick, calligrapher Edward Johnston became synonymous with the unification of The Underground Group by creating a font to feature across the entire network of railways. Until that point, they had all used different signage and different typography.

Removing the serifs, Johnston created a readable, simple and reassuring font for the travelling public. One hundred years later and London commuters are still using Edward Johnston's work to find their way around the city's transport system.