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Victoria line

We're running more trains than ever before - up to 34 an hour - meaning they are less than two minutes apart at peak times. About 10,000 more passengers an hour overall can now travel on the Victoria line, all thanks to the state-of-the-art signalling equipment and trains we've introduced.

On weekdays, during peak hours, the number of trains will increase from 33 to 34 trains per hour. On Saturdays, between 12:30 and 18:30, the number of trains increased from 24 to 27 trains per hour. On Sunday, there are now 24 trains per hour from 09:00 until 22:00.

Further work on signalling and track will be necessary to increase this further to 36 trains per hour - a train every 100 seconds - in the peak hours by 2016.

Improved fleet

Our new trains are bigger and more comfortable with wider aisles and doors, and higher ceilings.

They also have dedicated spaces for wheelchairs and security features like CCTV in every carriage, and push-button emergency alarms connected directly to the driver's cab.

Regenerative braking technology means energy is returned to the rails to be used by other trains, rather than adding to heat in the tunnels.

More accessible

Platform humps have been installed at all stations on the Victoria line (except Pimlico). These provide level access to the trains, meaning easier journeys for customers with mobility impairments, luggage or pushchairs.

Euston station

We are refurbishing two escalators at Euston to ensure a more reliable service for customers. This includes the removal and replacement of hundreds of mechanical and electrical parts.

The refurbishment is part of the continuing Tube investment programme with major stations, trains, track and signalling being modernised or replaced to provide more capacity for a growing city. Watch a video of an escalator refurbishment.

The two escalators will be refurbished one after the other from Thursday 10 July 2014, with the work expected to be complete in late March 2015.

While the work is carried out there will be:

  • No down escalator to the southbound Victoria or Northern (Bank branch) line platforms from Thursday 10 July until early November 2014
  • No down escalator to the northbound Victoria or Northern (Bank branch) line platforms from early November 2014 until late March 2015
Finsbury Park station

A major project is planned at Finsbury Park station to reduce congestion and speed up journeys through the station, provide step-free access and a new station entrance.

These improvements are set to be complete in 2019. The works are being coordinated with a major new private redevelopment adjacent to the station to minimise disruption.

The staircases from the Tube to National Rail platforms will be closed to the public until the end of June 2014. Works on these staircases will double their capapcity.

Green Park station

Green Park station has been renovated. The station now has step-free access to all platforms, and between all lines. Platform humps provide level access to trains.

Above ground, the new, ramped station entrance provides direct access from Green Park.

Vauxhall Station

Vauxhall Underground station is being transformed as part of a wider investment designed to support the growth and regeneration of the surrounding area. The modernisation of Vauxhall Tube station is an essential first phase of this strategy, which will provide a major increase in capacity and improve accessibility by making the station step-free, while keeping it open to passengers.

The number of passengers using Vauxhall Underground station is set to increase by 40% over the next few years. In order to create extra space, the ticket hall will be reconfigured to allow for more ticket gates and wide-aisle gates allowing disabled passengers and those with buggies or heavy luggage to travel more easily and reducing congestion within the station.

The entrance stairs, subways and ticket hall are being refurbished and a lift will be installed between the ticket hall and platforms, with a new access passageway at platform level. This, combined with the existing lift from the bus station to the Tube ticket hall, will deliver step-free access to Victoria line trains by autumn 2015. Network Rail has completed the National Rail station's upgrade, including new lifts, which are already in operation, so once the Tube station lift is completed it will create a fully accessible interchange between National Rail, bus and Tube.

Victoria station

If you've been to Victoria station lately, you may have noticed that it's busier than usual as we're doing a great deal of work at the station.

It's a huge job and there's a lot to be done before we finish work in 2018, so please bear with us.

This massive improvement project is really exciting as it'll mean less congestion, more step-free access and quicker journeys in and out of the station.

We'll try to keep disruptions to a minimum.

Learn more about the Victoria station upgrade.