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Hammersmith flyover

Hammersmith flyoverHammersmith flyover

Completed in 1961, the Hammersmith flyover carries the four-lane A4 arterial road over the Hammersmith gyratory and links the west to central London.

Strengthening the flyover will prolong its life and mean no major maintenance will be required for many years. Work to upgrade the central reservation is now complete, with strengthening to the structure fully under way.

The work forms part of the Road Modernisation Plan. Consisting of hundreds of projects to transform junctions, bridges, tunnels and pedestrian areas, it is the biggest investment in London's roads for a generation.


Latest travel updates - updated Friday 23 January

Hammersmith flyover (on deck and slip roads)

  • Full closure, Fri 23 and Sun 25 Jan, 23:59-06:30 (Fri night/Sat morn; Sun night/Mon morn)
  • A4 Talgarth Road westbound off-slip lane closure, ongoing from Sunday 27 July
  • A4 Talgarth Road westbound off-slip road closure, Mon 26, Tue 27, Wed 28 Jan, 22:30-05:00

Roads underneath the flyover

A4 Talgarth Road

  • Eastbound entry slip narrowing, ongoing
  • Westbound access road closure, ongoing
  • Westbound onto gyratory two lane closure, Fri 23, Mon 26, Tue 27, Wed 28, Thu 29 and Fri 30 Jan, 21:30-05:00

Hammersmith Bridge Road

  • Northbound lane closure, Fri 23 and Mon 26 Jan, 22:30-05:00
  • Northbound road closure, Tue 27, Wed 28, Thu 29 and Fri 30 Jan, 22:30-05:00
  • Southbound lane closure, Fri 23, Wed 28, Thu 29 and Fri 30 Jan, 21:30-05:00

Queen Caroline Street

  • Full closure, Fri 23, Mon 26, Tue 27, Wed 28, Thu 29 and Fri 30 Jan, 22:30-05:00

Fulham Palace Road

  • Southbound closure, Fri 23 Jan, 22:30-05:00
  • Northbound closure, Mon 26, Tue 27 and Wed 28 Jan, 22:30-05:00

Bus station road

  • Closed northbound into station,  Fri 23 Jan, 22:30-05:00

    How your travel may be affected

    Frequent night time closures will continue until summer 2015 to enable strengthening activities to continue. During these closures the flyover will be closed to traffic in both directions between 22:30 and 05:00.

    These closures will allow us to safely lift the flyover and replace the bearings. During each closure we lift approximately 2,500 tonnes of the flyover and work to install new bearings.

    Drivers who would ordinarily use the flyover should follow the signed diversion via the A40.

    Research during previous closures of the flyover showed that drivers using the signed diversion via the A40 experienced less delay than those travelling on the A4 Great West Road through the Hammersmith gyratory.

    Why are we doing the work?

    In December 2011, structural investigations revealed that steel cables on a number of the flyover's 16 spans had deteriorated significantly, due to corrosion caused by water seeping into the structure.

    We carried out urgent strengthening work on the worst-affected spans, and now need to strengthen the remaining spans and undertake essential planned maintenance.