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Cycle safety

Cycle Safety Action Plan

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The objectives of the plan are to:

  • Ensure the growth of cycling in London is accompanied by a reduced rate of cycling casualties
  • Increase the perception that cycling is a safe and attractive transport option
  • Make progress towards achieving existing and future targets for reducing cyclists killed or seriously injured
  • Ensure London continues to be a world leader in developing effective cycling safety improvements, underpinned by analysis and a sound understanding of the causes of collisions

Here are three examples of our Cycle Safety Action Plan in action:

Crossrail lorry training

Large numbers of lorry drivers are working on the Crossrail project. To make sure they drive safely near cyclists, we give truck drivers special cycle awareness training.

Goods vehicle technology

We're encouraging heavy goods vehicle operators to fit special cycle safety technology on their vehicles. This includes sensors and cameras that tell a driver when a cyclist or pedestrian is near.

Cycle training

Our Growing Cycling campaign promotes cycle training across London. After completing the training, 76% of people said they felt safer cycling on London's roads.

Watch a training video for Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) drivers and cyclists on our cycling safety advice page.